A need so strong to die.

A need so strong to fanish.

I am here in words of anger and distruction because once again I have felt something and at the end of that feeling the result is nothing.


No goodbyes,no farewell,no good luck for your future,nothing.Instead there is this vacuum where friendship used to exist,where the person I grew to love as a siter used to be.

There is this big zero,this wall of silence where I am getting more and more used to deal with.

One day I shall be surronded only by it.

Quite frankly it would be a blessing.

I am tired of dealing with humans.

They are selfish and very unworthy of your time,most of the times.

Not everyone but most of them.

I just met one more of them,for a while it seemed to be a very good friend indeed but now I know better,don`t I ?

The End

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