Poetry 101

In my mind there is a battlefield of strong emotions trying to overcame each other,here it lies what I struggle with ,what I think we all do as well...

In the begining there was only silence.

A dead silence the kind that tells you whatever is about to happen can`t be good.

There is no sound apart from your own beating heart,and the part of your brain that can still think tells you to slown down,regroup otherwise you are getting yourself killed!!

But the part of you that is always willing to go forward and try to discover what is outhere is willing to risk it,in fact is triving to go in,death or no death traps...

The music is pounding on the walls,a different outcame than you expected yet still allouring to make you take that first stepp in this mad world of crafted talent,raw talent.

The pull is unique to any of us,here lies the destruction of who you thought you where and breeds this talent you where maybe unaware of ?

Here starts a new adventure everytime you empower yourself and above all you dear to dream in words ,in colours,in life.

Here is poetry 101.

Not a course or a trial,simply a story of braving unknown fears or joys.

Here is to caos and mayhem.

Here is to structure and rhyme.

Here is to all of us....

The door is open,please fell free to enter

The End

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