All these thoughts flying
And all these references to birds
And falling off buildings
And what I think I want to say disappears.

Swallowed by the swallows
And my attempts to remain poetic,
To do him justice and believe that you can wait
To be immortalised in italics and lowercase.

Sit down, write down, stay down,
Keep everything deep down and hidden
And you still wouldn't leave.
(If I placed my apostrophe incorrectly, would you care?)

Plus point number one, I cannot imagine you would empower yourself by believing to be better than me in every way.
Plus point number two, I think you'd be more likely to say,
"We need to talk",
than shag the girl behind my back and keep it to yourself for atleast a year and a day.

I think this is why you should wait for the correct metaphor to hit me,
I think we have time for you to wait,
I could immortalise you in something written from the heart, perhaps,
We'll see,
You could bring him back to life,
If you just wait a while,
Maybe we'll see.

The End

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