You became homeMature

I took a walk
crossing my bones
and unrolling my skin
on uneven bricks
past buildings
illuminated by fountains
and neon
And I stopped.
Appreciated this moment,
these six seconds
staring at architecture
and accepting
that maybe
I wouldn't get to know
the stories left
for this place to tell.
my story
needed to keep being written
that this chapter had ended
and it was time to keep going,
my story
doesn't end here.
My pages unfurl
become full of words
in other places,
following boundless love
and other stories
the world has to tell.
I understand that moment
was a small part
of my eventual goodbye
that I had more steps to take
and it wasn't time to go
but that eventually,
it would be.
That six years
could carry home
and a soul
where they belong,
but knew
when it was over.
I have loved,
I have learned,
and I have become.
I pour myself
into other oceans
and seek stories
begging to be found.
I am home.
I am home,
and now,
home beckons

The End

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