God damn right you should be scared of meMature

My demons ache
to be etched out forever,
outside of my head
off my fingers.
There are different ways
to chase them off-
though they're never
the healthiest ways.
I chase mine
with sloshes
of alcoholic veins,
with shut eyes
and loud singing
with screaming lungs
and clouded smoke.
They beg
as if they're in control,
to be on these pages
they scream
to be let out
to exist
outside of me,
as if
I am weak,
as if
I am not
in control.
I am bigger
than you,
I am louder
I am not dead weight
I am a life
that isn't over yet!
I will climb
to the top of this hell
and you will never
see the light of day

The End

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