Mourning you was like a bad pregnancyMature

You took things from me,
you took peace
and love
suddenly so foreign
no longer parts of me.
You took the song
that held those parts,
you kept it to yourself,
for nine months.
am taking it back,
all of it!
My music,
my soul,
my peace,
my love-
It was never yours
to keep.
You tore my worlds apart,
you are no longer
a piece
of my puzzle,
you are a memory
and you will stay,
where you belong.
You do not matter.
You no longer belong
in my world
in my head,
in my skin-
You do not belong.
I have my peace,
my love,
you will take no more
you will have no more
You are gone,
and you will stay that way.

The End

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