I am ashes of a crash that never stopped burningMature

If I wanted to live
I'd breathe air
like I fucking meant it,
like Jesus was in every breath.
If I wanted to live,
these flowers wouldn't die
and neither would I.
"I want to live"
is hard to be true,
nine months of rawness
of "I'm getting it together"
of "Yes, I want to live!"
And it stopped being true,
stopped flowing like creeks
at midnight.
Like the Cinderella Story,
clock strikes midnight
you're a broken jar in an empty stream
you're a hollow shell, and someone even you don't know
If I wanted to live
I'd keep myself together
not crash and burn
like a fucking plane
crashing through the water
If I wanted to live
I wouldn't choke on my skin
and drown in myself
If I wanted to live
Maybe this could change,
wouldn't strangle my voice
and drop my place
If I wanted to live..
God, I wish I did.

The End

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