I breathe the sun and move with the grace of a shooting star, I am alive and I am indestructableMature

"I thought
when I came home
I could figure out
who I am"-
words written
weeks after
a demolition
and a creation.
I thought
would come together,
would be easy
would be right.
I thought
so many things
in three months
that seven months later
I know
and think
entirely different.
I was tired
I was alone
and I wanted
a void
to consume me.
I am alive
I am a million universes
all in one,
my blood flows
and burns
and loyal,
my love
and all powerful.
I am free
and I am wild,
and unstoppable.
I have a love
and a life
like no other,
and god,
I wouldn't trade it
for anything.
I am alive
for a million suns
and stars
and worlds
that you couldn't find
anywhere else
but in me
in my eyes
and in my soul.
At eighteen
I have my life
ahead of me
an adventure
screaming my name
and begging
for me to touch the stars
and never come down.
At seventeen
I couldn't have imagined
that I would be
I am eighteen
and if you asked me
if I wanted to live
I would tell you
"Fuck yes,
I want to live."
I want to live
more than ever,
I am here
I am a Queen
on a throne
you can't topple.
I exist
and I matter
and I always will.

The End

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