We are wars and crashes and unbelievable pain and yet we exude solar systems with an intensity you couldn't dream ofMature

"As humans
we ruin
we touch
each other."
there are
a million scars
from head to toe
whether they're the flames
from a boy
that couldn't love someone
if anyone taught him to
or the gashes
from someone who loved you
like they loved alcohol
fiercely they said,
but dangerously
like cigarette smoke
stuck in your lungs,
or someone whose love
was like needles
painted along your skin,
sharp, and out of control
love is not
a thousand bruises
tearing your skin
from your knuckles down,
it is not
an ocean
of blood and tears,
is not dangerous
but it is not
poisonous eyes
or honeyed words
out of cell bars,
love is not
At 3am
and pleading
to a drunk man
who will not change
but will burn you
scorch you
until there is nothing left,
love is not
any of these things.
Love is fruitful
it is painful
it is happiness
and blossoming trees
and the smell of rain
it is fingertips
gliding on skin
and lips
to cheeks,
is simple
and complicated
it's inexplainable
but god
will you feel like
a million constellations
are shining on you
all at once.
you will fly
to the moon
and beyond-
we as humans
but we create
at the same time,
your skin is tattered
your heart shattered
and your lungs on fire,
but you will pick yourself up
you will stand
on your bones
and you will love yourself
and your world
with a ferocity
that none
could compare.

The End

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