I am a million miles away from anything elseMature

It's later
and she poetically writes about
and dreams of this
this dreamy moment
where she briefly feels alive
and existing
and she feels free.
for a painful,
bitter moment
of the worst
that can happen in life,
the tragedies
that seem to nonstop befall
and corrupt
the good,
the happy
and it's this grey space over
and over
every god damn step
and she listens to this rap
that seems to focus on something similar
her fingers gracefully
rapidly flowing across her keyboard
and the lyrics flow in and out
and they're all hers
for that moment
this bliss
that doesn't have to end
or mean anything else
to anyone else
because it is HERS.
I've been travelling
in the deserts of my mind.
And I,
I haven't found a drop
of life.
I haven't found a drop
of you.
I haven't found a drop.
I haven't found a drop.
of water."
and the
melody sings to her,
it exists in her,
it's all she is
and she is fine.
she is fine.

The End

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