You'll never need another person but the alternative is a hell we don't want to experienceMature

You never need
someone else
to make your life
but god knows
having someone else
in bed with you
and all of your disasterous self
and your wreck of cracks
or sit in your kitchen
and listen to every bit of hell
you've put yourself into
is so much better
than being by yourself
at 2am
for people
that never wanted your soul
in the first place.
You don't need
someone else
as if they're a missing puzzle piece
but it's better
than being alone
on a straggling path
that ends nowhere.
You will never have
just one soul mate
they're all around you
in people
in animals
in yourself
it doesn't matter
if they're romantic
or platonic
or the pet curled up
in your bed.
Maybe you don't need
someone else
to complete you
and your life,
but god knows
you need people
for everything else.

The End

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