Home is a thousand miles away and right in front of me all at onceMature

I want to take you
where home is,
wild streets
prolonged rain
and a green
like you've never seen.
Down the halls
of hundreds of vendors
and smells
that go on and on,
to windy cities
and over a bridge
a mile long.
To waters
that seem to never end
over cobblestone
with blue feathers
and floors
in butterflies.
Home is beautiful
it calls
through the snow,
through the summer rain
and through the color
of your eyes-
because I swear
that's where
they're from.
I want to show you
where my love comes from,
where I come from.
Home is miles away
but feels a thousand times closer
when you smile
or when you laugh
home might be far away
but god
if you're not close enough.

The End

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