Home is endless stories and laughter too loud for the night to holdMature

"If home
is where the heart is
then fuck it,
I'm homeless"
never felt so right
until home
was everywhere
all at once.
must be where the heart is,
if it's
the center
of my chest.
has become
the passenger seat
of a blue car,
the windy cliffs
in the west,
the smoke that fills
a small room,
the laughter
from my boys
that are more home
than home could ever be,
the dark streets
at 12:37 am
sitting underneath
the starriest sky
and saying
"I wish you were here,
in the same breath
as laughing
with bare feet
against concrete
from one end
to the next.
is a hundred different places
but only a few people,
different moments
but the same voices
the same breath
the same grinning
the same stories.
Home is so much more
than a house
and a bed,
it's exactly
the cliche-
where the heart is
my heart
is with three boys
three cliffs
a broken building
piles of graffiti
rooms full of smoke
and all of us
into the night-
is exactly
where I belong.

The End

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