Happiness is 2am stifled laughter and silly storiesMature

“You run away
from the same happiness
you ask for”
is climbing mountains
sore ribcages
and shredded muscles.
Boys that laugh
in the wind
and lose trains of thought
along pink skylines.
Spray paint fingertips
and graffiti trains.
is the same people
I love
day in
day out.
We change
like the tide
souls connected
like the sound of rain
on our skin.
We become ourselves
to the tune
of billowing smoke
old stories
and new lives.
We trade pretty clothes
for black tank tops
and red shorts
to tatter our red cheeks
in the sun
and sling our lips
to new songs
at 4am.
is my family-
whether they are bound by blood
they are home.
They might be broken
but they’re still good.
And we carry on
sitting in circles
passing around flames
and small smiles
and laughing in diners
and long drives
going nowhere
but everywhere.
is the people we are becoming
and the lives we are living
is everything
coming together
but surely
and god knows
I feel it all
in my bones.

The End

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