Life didn't stand still but we do. "Too soon" doesn't fill us the way you did.Mature

It wasn’t
like a movie.
There wasn’t a flash
spinning wheels
trying to regain control
no flashbacks
the world didn’t stop
it didn’t pause
in reflection
didn’t stand still.
It came
and it went
like the crack
of lightning.
It was fast
leaving a train-wreck
of people
and metal.
It was dozens
of phone calls
and screaming
and begging
and disbelief
and panic
and sitting stunned
for hours.
It’s waves of
“This can’t be real”
and knuckles cracking
against walls
and hundreds of pictures
and videos
and all of us
crashing down
to the bottom.
It’s the shattered voice
and hollow words
and you can’t feel your fingers
wrapped around your phone
staring at a ceiling
that suddenly
you can’t touch.
It’s dozens
of “I know.”
it’s tears
that can’t stop
And dull thudding
in your chest
and you’re begging
everyone else
“be careful”
oh god
be careful
and every footstep
is a distant patter
in the street.
We’re remembering faces
and days and nights
that couldn’t go wrong
It’s casts
and laughter
and lives
that couldn’t end
but did.
Many things
are “too soon”
nothing can fill
empty chairs
and hearts
and shoes,
nothing can fill
the places you had
nothing can be
the people you were
didn’t stand still
it kept moving
and we will too
We will keep moving
but you’re there
every step of the way.

The End

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