We're a lot of things all at once, but most importantly, we're getting there.Mature

Sometimes I wake up
and I shut my alarms off
and I stay
right where I am
hugging my pillow
to my cheek
if I get up
I won’t stop myself
from walking
in front of a car.
And I laugh
at the thought
of whiskey tears
and drug induced dancing
too spaced out
for lights
or anyone else-
She never pays attention
she’s always too drunk
when I pour myself a cup
and laughs.
And she’d have a breakdown
if she knew.
And we whittle away
Sad and lonely
because no matter
how much we know
we need to do
and say
we won’t.
We try
Staring into
beautiful eyes
and we lie
through our fucking teeth.
and security
are earned
they go
a long way.
We’ve tried
for years
and people
and drinks
and drugs
and nothing
We fuck up
and relationships
deep in our bones
we can feel you
And all of our wasted nights
and we swear
and promise
up and down
we want you to stay
and we want to stay
but we leave
every time.
“Say you’ll never let me go”
because we know
we’ll make you let go
or we’ll let go first.
We’re grenades
are the pins
we’re the pins
and sometimes
we'll find the glue
that holds the pin in
and we won’t
come undone.
It takes time
and the right people
we will never stop
being grenades
but they will be right there
when we go off
every time.
Broken mirrors
and showers
full of tears
and streets
drenched in rain
and our own blood
and they’re there
every damn time.
Even if
we’re all grenades
we’re there
in an empty space
waiting to explode
We don’t have to be
each others pins
or glue
it’s enough
that we’re there
And all the nights
We come undone
And we’re against the walls
and we’re in the sky
and bodies collide
and we’re liquid daydreams
we’re our own people
no matter where we are
and no matter what we’re on
we’re drunk on the good life
on the good people
we never seem to know
where we’re going
but we know we’ll get there
and we know
who we want
along for the ride
and we promise
one day
we’ll be able to hold on
and never let go.

The End

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