The seas of stars that consume me night and day-the eyes of someone who lights me like a fireworkMature

“truth be told
I never was yours”
and I remembered
a long summer night
when I met a beautiful boy
who laughed quite loud
and you couldn’t hear him
when he spoke
but you could hear him smile
and in that moment
I had never been yours
just passing the time
until he came along.
until his hands
closed around my heart
until his eyes
told me
“here you are.
here I am.”
And he said,
“The first time I saw you,
I thought,
‘holy fuck,
there she is’
and I never left.”
“Nothing is strong enough
to pull me away from you.”
he said.
I thought,
would have to tear me apart
to get me away from you.”
And my fingertips
sing to the touch
of his skin
and my lips burn
at the thought
of his.
it felt like nothing-
like time
stood still
as his eyes took me in
and told me
that I was as much his
as he is mine
and I knew
in that moment
I was his
the second we met
and I would be his
for as long
as the earth spun.

The End

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