You'll see real things and wonder why you stayed with the things that weren't.Mature

"You meet the right people
and shit clicks."
It could be
a random occurrence
with green fabric
locked doors
and laughing too loud-
and suddenly
it's all real
these people exist
and click like a padlock
When you spend years
whittling away
with the wrong people
You learn to distinguish
between real
and not real
You'll turn around
and real
will be four feet away
and in that moment
you'll be willing
to throw everything away
You have to be near them
feel them
make sure they're real
and the second your skin
touches theirs
everything makes sense
and you understand
why it took so long-
and everything,
for a singular moment,
has come together.
"You met me
at a strange time in my life"
didn't make sense
until it was 2am
and they tell you
they're not going anywhere
after you tell them
you're a mess
and things
couldn't be stranger
But you hold on tight
you'll never let go.

The End

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