Is this even an edge anymore?Mature

I felt cloudy
I sat down
and felt my heart crack
it was like there was nothing
between my lungs
two hours
of glazed eyes
and tracing scars
“Don’t become numb”
you said,
“I don’t think I can.
I like happy emotions too much.”
I said.
“Is the happiness worth it?”
It always is.
But sometimes
I am flooded
with the desire
to stop living
everything becomes too much
and my lungs collapse
and my skin stops being mine
everything becomes questionable
and a lie
everything gets an expiration date
like flashing neon lights
telling me
that nothing ever lasts
because they aren’t built to
and I think
it’s starting to take longer
to realize
that that’s not true.
I feel myself slipping away
to the tune of a funeral march
and it’s not fucking fair
I don’t want to lose myself
I have so much to do still
Still someone I need to be
There’s still so much for me to create
And so much to see
So why
does it keep getting harder and harder
to hold on?

The End

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