Spaced Music

all the stars
fell out of the sky
they would make a path
leading to you
and you would put them back in the sky
so you could watch the constellations
as they shine for you
Galaxies beckon
and call your name
you sit on a hill, leaning back
barely outlined in the moonlight
Listening as space whispers your name
tracing fingers along your spine
bending to the wind
hiding you from black holes
saving your spirit
the stars
twinkling for your attention
the moon changing size and pace
making you
the only thing that matters there
for them
cupped in their hands
like they can't let go
your name written in the stars
and stuck on the moon
with the sun watching you
and the universe waiting
as you pour your music into space
like you created a soul
just for them.

The End

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