In the beginning
there were smiles
there were laughs
there were bright eyes
and sunny days
crunchy leaves
and cold nights
frozen lakes
icy bridges
swirling mists
blinding for but a moment
tucked under cover
+cbut not far from the stars
that we kept wishing on
every night
more desperate than the last
so dewy grass
causing slips & falls
while the places we go
cause us to fall in much darker places
where we didn't know if we could get out
so lended a hand
to pull us out
and back we go
crunchy leaves
cold nights
until a break
the is not so bleak
things start to live again
dawning new days
but the bane
of existence
evermore present
but not so much
quiet winds never drown
but the sound of rain
back again
to the bare days
cold grounds
numb skin
bent minds
thusly called
by a stormy white warrior

The End

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