Team Free-Will

And out of the pitfall
Came a ball of fire
Scorching all eyes that saw the true form
All but those that could withstand
the heat cracking the ground
earthquakes that lasted meer seconds
the angels were falling
the demons were shackled
but cackled with fear & glee
Lucifer was rising
for not even his sin was the worst
And Gabriel's death by his brother's hand
Michael didn't even blink
not a falter in steps
as Sam took a deep breath
and leptto his death
Dean couldn't let go
for that was a piece of his soul
Castiel disappeared
Deepening Dean's fear
for he was blind and lost
Without his brother and his angel
Adam was left in Lucifer's cage
Even Michael lowered his gaze
Zachariah was nowhere to be found
All hope was lost
Even without Lucifer around
With God in hiding
Angels still falling
Who will save us
When Hell rises?
Who will stop the demons
from taking our souls?
Who will save the angels
who occupied the now empty Heaven?
Who will cradle the angels wings
and help them fly again?
Who will save Sam
When he cannot function
and who will save Dean
when he has lost everyone
and who will save Castiel
when he inches to the dark side?
And who will save Team Free-Will
When they are separated for the last time?

The End

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