Sounds & Scenes

The sound
of a creek
beats in my ears
much like
my heartbeat
minutes earlier
and the sun
blinds me
just like
your camera flash
the air
numbingly brisk
but only just
washing over my skin
my feet dangled
over the edge
inches above the water
as the wind
whispered in my ears
like the sound
of your voice
the words were battered
but said with strength
and you were like
the rain
pattering against windows
filling pails
dripping on faces
that were as blank
as a slate
because people
didn't know you
or understand you
the way that I did
so the rainy days
composed of gloomy rainbows
broken umbrellas
and blank faces
carefully pieced together
to form you
as you stood next to me
talking about
the way the moon looks
as the snow fell around us
the sound of our breathing
and the clicking camera shutter
come together
to form
these Sounds & Scenes

The End

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