Such a beautiful masquerade
All the pretty gowns, the fancy suits...
So much drinking, such a light mood...
What is this I'm waking up in?
Such a dark, encramped box,
I can't get out,
Losing myself as I let out my last breath.

I'm looking at you through my mind,
It feels like a pause in time.
It feels like forever, but no one ever tells you that forever feels like home inside your heart.

But the stars, the stars, they make me feel at home. Watching as the moon passes by, glittering in the dew covered grass.

The slow, quiet, "Knock knock" Of my knuckles as I use my last bit of energy to rap my knuckles against the side of this box, hoping some one will come and rescue me from what I've fallen into, what I can't climb out of. Maybe some one would hear and save me, finally. But the hope diminishes as I pass out, already too late as I let out my last breathe.

The End

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