The night will fade away

As I gaze upon the night sky
I feel the memories flashing by
Nothing could ever be more safe
Then when you held me in your arms

The flashbacks come,
But they slow for me to watch
From the night we met
And up to now

And I smile as every word
Comes rushing back
And the smile on my face
When you said you loved me back

And the days I wish hadn't been true
Make me wince as they fly through

I close my eyes at the thought of your touch
I clench my fist when I remember your thrust

And let it lie limp
As your lips found mine

I open my eyes to see with delight
You waiting at the alter a smile so bright

Let us start a new life
And let everything be found
By each other, in time
For I shall give My everything to you.

The End

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