With less than a memory

Watch all fallen tears
You collect them with no fear
Maybe stick you in a jar-
You’ll never get far.
It’ll be no fee, throwing you to sea.
Have I been like this the whole time?
Or is it everyone else-burying themselves?
It’s false illusions of what they want us to think life will be like
the few of us immune to it because we know it all like the backs of our hands.
We’re just like everyone else-if not better.
Breathing like it was nothing
In this cold, clamoring night
Letting it fall out
You don’t destroy the people you love
With which could I be more at ease-
this never fading night
or everlasting light
I can’t tell you how beautiful it is or
how beautiful it will be
But trust me on this
every beautiful flaw making you human.
The thing about being human
is that some ignore the true beauty in the world
It’s never going to be enough for someone
even when it’s all gone
What will we do when
every heart is a cold, icy hole
when there is nothing left
It’s weird how people are
What is it really, being dead? Being alive?
This thing, life, it is tragically beautiful.
the precious life inside everyone
that someone has the nerve to steal
their heartbeat, their pulse
The light in their eyes, their voice
Fighting a war with themselves
tears you apart and leaves you with nothing
When things seem irredeemable
When things are falling apart
Always remember
we are here.

The End

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