Don't go

A lonely little light
Maybe that’s what you
Made me see then
But then the night
I told you what
Had been running
In my head
And I told you
That I wanted you
Away for awhile
But I
I didn’t want
You to go away
And not come back.
I didn’t want
To say that
I didn’t need you
Because I do
More than anything
I dunno
I guess
I just thought
It wouldn’t
Be like this
And I was wrong
I fall for you
More so all the time
And I don’t know
What to do about it
So maybe
I don’t want you to go
I don’t want you to go away
I want you here
I want you by my side
I want you as my kiss
In the pouring rain
I want you as that
Chest I curl up against
In the corner of a couch
I want you as mine
I want you as my
Scruffy haired
Musically inclined
Teasing thing
I want you
By my side
I just don’t
Want you to go
Because if I lost
It’d mean
Losing an important
Piece of me

The End

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