Contemptious, isn't it?
The way the game is played
How you can't catch a break.
Don't know how to bear the pain
The memories
Even thinking is a bit painful
Endless headaches
Recurring nightmares-
Or sometimes no dreams at all
You can't remember,
Can you?
Some days
Fear drowns everything out
Still you walk as though nothing is wrong
And you smile through it all
Even though your heart is breaking
Dying inside,
Aren't you?
Exit sign is that way
But you won't walk out
Still held by some sort of tie
You walk out into the daylight
And approach the door
You lift your fingers to the key
Slowly turn it
And place your other hand on the handle
And turn it ever more slowly
You push it open
And walk beyond it
Shutting the door behind you
You walk into

The End

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