Okay, here are a few poems. Some are long, some are short. By the way, the three chapters before this one? Yes, I did write those myself. Anyways, here are some poems:

Charmanders are red Squirtles are blue If you were a pokemon, I'd choose you Your smile is stronger than any hyperbeam Like Jesse and James, we'll make the perfect team I'll stay by your side like Pikachu and Ash I'll love you more than a level eighty Rapidash You're more legendary then Zapdos or Mew But out of all four fifty, I choose you.

Violets are blue Roses are red If I were offered the world I'd choose you instead

A kiss is just a kiss until you find the one you love. A hug is just a hug until you find the one you're always thinking of. A dream is just a dream until it comes true. Love was just a word until I met you.

Lowbloods are red Highbloods are blue I'd be honored to have A Matesprite like you

How do you know when you're in love? Is it the crazy things you do? Is it the fact my hearty skips a beat everytime I think of you? Is it the fact I can't sleep at night when your image is still in my head? Or is it I can't stop smiling, after everything you've said?

Putting my feelings into words- Impossible. For my feelings for you are incomprehensible. If I could let you see the effect you have on me, you would be blinded. For if you did, the darkness would fade, shadows were no longer. For I am in love, more in love then I have been in a long time. I love you, is all I can say, but my heart says more, there is so much more to my love.

The first thing I think of when I think of you, is your wonderful smile. The second would be your adorable laugh. I could go on and on, but the list would never end. When I think of the short time that we've been together and all of the happy memories we've already shared together, it amazes me to no end. And I know that we are meant to be. I look at you, and see overflowing love, hope, and joy. As well as charm, strength, happiness, and dignity. With all of these wonderful qualities, it's no wonder I love you so. 

I have feelings of love for the guy I see. Does he love me too, what does he think of me? I wish I could tell him he makes me feel whole, but I'm afraid to say what's deep in my soul. I don't want to lose him, for I would be alone. And some days I just can't wait to hear his voice. He does certain things to make me feel loved. Some days he wants to be alone and my heart is shoved. I want to feel as though I am his safeguard, the one he can come to when things get hard. I will always be there to help him along. And before we met I wasn't as strong. I wish I could tell him what I feel inside, but I'm afraid of what he'll say, how he'll act on the outside.

Roses are #FF0000 Violets are #0000FF All my base Are belong to you

Plumbers are red Hedgehogs are blue Press start to join And be my player two

And the final poem, for all you hardcore in love gamers. 

My feelings for you are greater then Zelda's to Link. You get to me more than Bayonetta's wink, your eyes are like the diamonds that I mine from below, your handsomeness hit me harder than when GLaDOS said "Hello". You've got my emotions all up in a bunch... Just like when the captain proclaims Falcon Punch! You can forget about Mario with his little flower, because when you look at me I activate star power. We could be together, you and me, like The Greybeards and the Dovahhkiin. You're crazy if you think I'll just give up and quit, I'll fight for you longer than Kratos ever did. Because your laugh makes me happier than Elena makes Drake, or even the subjects when they learned about the cake. Now the cake was a lie, but this isn't at all... Baby, you've got me caught in your master ball. I love you.

The End

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