Sung unto thee

The whisper of each key strike
Solid but so calm
And each note
Loud but soft
As the melody comes to an end
Yet the beautiful noise
Plays still in the air
For those who will hear
That song
And close their eyes
And sway to the song
And beg for it to play once more
For this song is the song
You could call anything
Call it love
As it plays softly in your ear
Whispering to you
Calling to you
Can you play this tune?
Or can you stand
Close your eyes
Listen to me as I play
Sit here
And stay till the end
And I beckon you forward
Come ahead, touch a key
Play this note
Go ahead, there you go
And you play the beautiful melody once more
For those to hear
And know
There is no fear.

The End

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