And so we start
And so we end
Yet it all beings
All the same
And yet so different
From all the rest
And so we pour
All the truth
And all the lies
As they form
And as they come
For the true
Natural being
Has hidden away
And become a monster
That is our natural state of mind
And so we cower
In our corners
In our chairs
In our lies
In what we form as the truth
And slowly we deteriorate
And fall apart from outside in
And no one ever really knows
Unless we tell them
And we say so as ourselves
And not the form
We make to protect ourselves
And here it is
As it is stated
So clearly
Yet so foggy
From the beggining we all go
And from the end we sometimes start
Yet we all end up the same
Caught the same way
Caught all diferently
Yet we still say the same things
The same way
Yet so different
And we wonder how is this possible
And we slowly remember everything
And we slowly forget everything
So unfair
Yet so desperately needed
And so rushed
So unnessecary
Yet we laugh
We cry
We yell
We scream
We lie
The pain away
Every day
Every hour
Every minute
Every second
We fall victim to ourselves
And to others
And we so desperately care
Yet it never means anything
We still die for what we saw as the truth
To what we ourselves predicted
And yet still did not think it would happen
And we fall victim
To everything
Ourselves being our enemy
And we call this

The End

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