I get musical sometimes, or poetic. This will consist of every poem and song I write, or have written.

And so we walk
The empty roads
So far we've come
So many have gone
And yet we stand
As though we're not broken
But here we are shattered
Alive and not well
For all we see
And all we hear
We are made of lies
For what we fake
And yet what is true
Is always hidden
For we are not what we seem
Yet all we are not is always what makes way
And the truth
Always far hidden
And the key to that
All been swallowed
Separation has been intact
And all we have followed
All we believed
All we began
All we ended
For the meer mirror
Of images we create
And the ones we shatter
And you are the catalyst
That starts it all
Or ends what we once started
What made sense
Now makes none
As we separate the truth from lies
And when we fail
We try again
Already lowered in what we once had
And once believed
And once said
But it's too late
For you
For me
For us all
And for those that still stand tall
Begin the truce
Or begin the war
Begin the fall
Begin the uprising
Do not fail
For we are at your side
We stand with you
As we always have
And always will
And some we strip
Of what they believed
Of what they say
Of everything they know
And ripen with truth
And here we shall stand
And here we shall stay
Forever we hold
In the palms of our hands
As it slowly spills over
And we end it ever so quietly
WIth none to bear
None to see
No witness shall ever speak
Of what we have started
And once again began
In this empty room today
In these last hours
And you shall there believe
And you shall there slowly wither
And you shall there begin the new phase of life
The one we call

The End

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