Walking down the endless hallway with many doors I came to realize something. I was angry. I will always be angry and I hated the fact. I didn't want to be angry, because that anger brought sadness. I don't want to be angry, or sad. Those 'emotions' were distracting. I had to do something. I picked another door and went through it. A flash of light brought me into a strange house I've never been before. Or was I? I decided to not think about it. Thinking will would cloud my judgement. Or was my judgement on choosing this particular door already impaired. The doubts were still there, something I also wanted to get rid of. What if, I wondered. What if I were put that anger and hide it deep withing my subconscious. And the sadness. What if I got rid of them?

In that house there were people, quite a few of there, all wearing horrific masks.

But were they, really? Horrific?

I chose to ignore the voice. At the center of the house there was a man - or was it a monster - who had yet to pull the mask on. He seemed to be the leader and they seemed to be performing some sort of ritual. He had his mask in one hand and a sword on the other. A mask that looked like a skull. It was terrifying. He put on the mask which I realized it seemed to be curse for he began to turn. The others seemed to cheer for him. They respected him. They were all monsters I knew, but still, they respected the man. Fear took hold. I had get out.


Outside I picked another door and it brought to the same place, only the man had yet to put the mask on. I didn't know what took over me. Maybe it was the fact that I wanted that respect. That I wanted something I didn't have. Love? Truth


I shrugged. I walked up to him, took his sword and stabbed him through the heart. As he fell down a hole, I took his mask and put it on.  I felt a sudden rush of power - and fear -run over my being. I was scared, yet somehow satisfied. I felt the mask embed itself unto my face, through its eyes I saw the others worship me. The anger was gone. The sadness was gone. The loneliness vanished.

Now, shall we begin.

No. I ran for the door, opened it, and went back to the hallway. That got me thinking. If I got rid of the anger and sadness then so too will the rest of my emotions would be gone from my conscious. They were connected, all of them.

I picked another door. I felt nothing. I knew I should be feeling something. But nothing seemed to be better than something. So nothing it is. No emotions. No feelings. No anger. No sadness. Just empty. Void. Undisturbed. Fazed.

It's better than anger. Or sadness.

Yes. Maybe.

The End

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