Right now I really don't feel like thinking of titles for the poems so I'll just call them by numbers as I write them.

Thoughts, how powerful they are;

"All is in the mind" I obliviously used to say;

The pain, 

The sadness,

The feelings,

I knew nothing then - Blinded

I was blind, free of thought

Free of mind,

The details were there, I just didn't -

I just couldn't,

Put thought into them

For me - then - Life flowed like,

Waters of a river downstream in a destination unknown

I was blind then,

Now I see, there is no destination,

Not anymore

Why should there be one?

Why now?


That everyone knows, so -

I had to learn,


That there are no secrets in life,

Just hidden truths,

Fascinating isn't it?


Very much so.

The End

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