How the Candle Died

This is a collection of poems/lyrics that I thought weren't too bad and I could share with the world. I usually only write poems/lyrics when I'm in horrible moods...hence why they tend to be melodramatic and have less-than cheerful themes...but oh, well.

Have I wondered where you’ve gone?
You were with me every day and in an instant you faded.
It was my fault. All of this was my fault.
I clutched you with one hand and broke you with another.
You held me. I kicked you. I watched you bleed. I wish I cried.

It’s in this way, in which the candle dies
Pieces of my soul follow the smoke.
What is left? Do I even feel?
It was my fault. You know it was too.
You held me. I kicked you. I watched you hurt. I should have hurt.

I want to feel, but I am numb.
It was by my needle your blood’s been drained.
And I’m afraid I didn’t keep it for long.
It was my fault. I can take the blame, but I can’t take it back.
You held me. I kicked you. I watched your pain. I don’t remember what it feels like.

The candle dies.
It was caused by my lies.
You couldn’t look me in the eyes.
I let the candle die.

The End

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