Four Months

As I awoke this morning,
I looked out to the winter dawning sky.
This time four months ago,
I professed I was in love with you.
Now looking out at the now cold world,
I'm kept warm by that love
and I can't help but admire how its grown over time.
How much you fueled it to be what it is now.
All because of you...
As I trudge through the snow,
I'm reminded of those warm autumn days
where we held hands
and kissed under the trees' dying canopy.
How happy we were
and still are.
I hung onto that all as the day progressed,
as everything around me reminded me of you
and how far away you were.
When I stepped outside,
a warm gust of air rushed to my face
and the sun shone in my eyes.
It reminded me of those autumn days
and I whispered to myself,
"happy anniversary love."

The End

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