Poems to My Love

A romantic poem to a certain someone. Even if a 1 week milestone seems insignificant to some, to me its the best week I've had with more to come. <3

Week 1

I remember those months ago,
seeing you and learning your name.
Both our shyness impairing the blossom...
After time and much talk of things,
we opened to each other
and held ourselves up.
We became the best of friends,
saying everything and anything
knowing there was little to hide
and no judgement whatsoever...
As the seasons warmed,
so did my heart
and I longed for you
in a way that seemed inexplicable.
I wished to tell you
but fear compelled me quiet
and I waited until I could no more...
Yet you felt the same to my surprise
mutual feelings on that Autumnal Equinox
that changed our worlds
but for the better...
Our love grew in this short span
to something of pure maturation
and after this week,
I can't wait for the more to come.
All my love forevermore.

The End

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