Poems to my first passion

As I sat in my chamber
Staring at the volcano
I couldn’t help it, keep it off forever
I thought of thee, my friend and feared enemy

The mountain, so majestic, so tall
Breathtaking, yet humble and therefore,
Underestimated; but erupt it could, any time at all
Just like thee, my friend and feared enemy

Beautiful and silent, it always gets its will
Powerful, an element of nature, full of
Fear should be those wishing it ill,
Of it, as of thee, my friend and unknowing ally

The cold, fruitful crust, the skin
A wonderful, blessed piece of land, really
A disguise, to conceal the fire within
Equal to thine, my friend and unknowing ally

Like a human’s is the volcano’s heart
Ever beating, ever suffering, ever feeling
The hottest, irreplaceable part
Of thee, my friend and dearly beloved

But I wonder: has the volcano thy
Smile? Thy beautiful, though scarce, loving
Smile? A ray of sunlight, of a storm the eye
Thy smile, my friend, my dearly beloved

Oh, why art thou not mine?

The End

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