Born Beautiful

Never asked you to judge me

Not ever did I mention

For you to fix anything-

Or accept your intervention

           Perfect I am not, and nor are you-

          But still you insist

         That beauty that lies beneath

          Flaws will always exist

My curves are permanent-

and my lovely bones are strong

You think I need fixing.

I'm sorry but your wrong

    I have seen many a things-

    of which I can't deny

    I have suffered many a nights-

    of past things I defy

But when you have the nerve-

to take from me my pride,

Weaken my self image,

Tear me down inside

    I'm not a project,

    A doll upon a shelf

    I'm the best of me

    Just being myself

I say only one thing-

and nothing more

I feel sorry for YOU,

Heed my tidal bore

The End

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