My fate

Open up, they tell me

       Show us what's inside

Let your guard down, they plead

       Show us what you hide

Add some color to your paleness, they beg

        Show us that there's hope

Never stop loving, they promise

          Show us how you cope

                                                           My motivation has withered, I whisper

                                                                           beneath my faint voice

                                                           I have no more words to spill

                                                                              left without a choice

Prevail above the despondency

                Show us that you can

Overcome the past you endured

                Show us where you ran

                                                                  My mouth will not say the words

                                                                           buried inside my mind

                                                                My rogue secluded inward

                                                                             has not been so kind

Conquer the unimaginable

            show the world your vigor

Tame the anger that controls you

              show us there's something BIGGER


                                                           Alas my silence will not break

                                                                        always consumed with hate

                                                            Don't cry for my sadness

                                                                        this was always my fate

The End

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