Poems of the World. (Canada)

Canadians are not
Americans, though we'll accept being called
North Americans if you say it with
A smile;
Duty requires that we make fun of
Americans but we don't really dislike them.

There are people who think that it's too cold
For life here, at least that's what I've been told;
My response to this ignorant treason:
We live on the border for a reason.

We huddle for warmth with our big brother -
Yank's have more hot air than any other!
You see what I meant about poking fun?
Sometimes a stick is safer than a gun.

We're laid back folk, rarely in a hurry
But please don't ask us about Anne Murray,
Or that horrid Celine Dion "singer" -
For tortured monkeys they are dead ringers.

The red and white flies true north, strong and free
And there is no other country for me;
From coast to coast, valleys to mountain peaks,
Tanned summer skin to winter's rosy cheeks.

In general we tend to be humble -
Ask us why we're so great and we'll mumble;
But of this grand country we are so proud,
So come see what sets us above the crowd.

The End

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