Poems of the World (Cuba)

C is for the colourful country that is introduced here,

U is for the unified people that make it a clever place,

B is for the beaches, whose waters are so clear,

And A is for the amazing foods that give it a unique taste.


The world does not see Cuba for what it really is,

All they see is Castro and his problematic ways.

They don't think about the beauty, nor the cultural air at all,

They don't see the majestic palm trees as they stand tall.

Well I'm here to introduce you, to a beautiful place that I know,

Named Cuba for a good reason, it has a lot to show.


Varadero beach is amazing,

With the bright, clear water interlacing,

Itself upon the sand.

Your toes feel quite at home here, while you touch the land with your hands.

The sky is always a clear blue,

Always a beautiful hue,

And I swear that sometimes,

it all seems to stop time.


Now then you must try the food that they make,

And there is so much to take!

There is rice, pudding, and meats,

They are all amazing treats;

There are cigars for heavy smokers,

Who enjoy a delicate smoke;

There is beer for any drinker,

Who isn't so much into liquor;

Then of course I must add the best part of this adventure,

The smooth, liquid taste of Havana rum that you'll savour!


The flag stands strong,

And we'll never be wrong,

To sing our anthem,

With lots of enthusiasm.


So please give us a chance,

We have to give a stance,

I'm sorry we didn't follow

A country that can be so hollow;

It's just another way to prove

That in this country you'll always be on the move!




The End

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