Poems of the World (Croatia)


Beauty dwells in this land.

She sleeps on the flat bed of the plains,

covered in soft blankets of trees, fields,

red roofed houses, and iron-red soil.

Her slumber is guarded by a shimmering curtain

of mountains fading in mist.

She stands, strong and imposing

Rising in stark peeks swathed

In lush green woods.

In her lap she cradles glistening

Lakes and falls, fragile towns and mournful ruins.

The people come and go, live, grow

And die, conquer and are defeated

And she smiles upon them all.

She spreads her strong arms into

The cold salt sea and waves

To her tiny island offspring.

Every stone and branch stands

As testimony to her creator

The one who creates beauty.



---Written May 18, 2008 while in Croatia

The End

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