Poems of the world (Portugal)


My hands tremble my heart beat races up and i write this...


So this is home were i roam in a language that is foreign to those who have not the priviledge to have been born here ,on this grounds that face the atlantic, we are a proud nation.

I am first a child of an island call  Madeira.

Then i am portuguese.

In third place i am european for the country i live on today.

And last and not less important i am a Human Being...


So to the country that gave me birth let me sing thy praise.


We are a catholic country .

We take confort knowing that faith will takes thru the good times, the harsh times,and God is always there in the worst of times...

We don`t believe in living for today, tomorrow you will die, so let your life account for something...

From our own lot of singers we had one very special , she sang our own kind of music, Fado.

She is dead now, and yet her work speeks on,of longing, of sorrow of virtue and expecially of hope.

So to this lady i put this final words.

To Amalia Rodriguez.

I am so proud to call  myself Portuguese.


The End

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