Poems of the World (China)

China’s people live quite the conundrum

Ancestral thoughts push up from under ’em

Centuries of famine and war

What is done there today has been done there before

Leading the world with a growing population

Then destroying it slowly with human rights violations

Thousands of years of dynastic violence

A Great Wall hides their shame, unitarian silence

A government which preaches national pride

Then takes ones freedom and shoves it aside

Leaders who govern with an open hand

But tanks move in when a citizen stands

Burning books and curbing religion

Communist rules with no room for decision

Keep them quiet, build our nation

Give them rice, but make sure to ration

But wait, there is life, the dragon has awakened

China’s people suggest their leaders were mistaken

Build our country but let us sing

Shanghai is modern and so is Beijing

A people whose soul comes from the past

Floating through the world, now gathering fast

“We are China,” they roar from their shrines

Our future is now, ‘tis truly sublime

And quietly the world sits back and watches

Can this beautiful nation remove its dark splotches

From Rome to Germany, Paris to Madrid

London to America, will China now take the bid.

 A nation growing in strength and power

Shall determine its failure or finest hour

By its choice to bind free will with a chain

Or lead this planet and let freedom reign

The End

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