Poems of the World (England)

Gorgeous golden beaches and untouched lost worlds,
Not racist in the slightest, and for the French our love unfurls,
Rain is never heard of and mountains scrape the sky,
If you think England is like this you deserve a smack in the eye.

Crumbling decaying buildings; hordes of homeless roam the streets,
Law enforcement beaten to ash after years of defeats,
Murders and deaths over luxuries like water and bread,
If you see England like this, you deserve a smack round your head.

A utopian paradise filled with awesome alien beings,
A world that challenges the peak of anyone's highest dreams,
Religion has been destroyed and everyone just gets along,
If you think i'm describing England, you are just plain wrong.

England is a state of mind, and that state of mind is dull,
You could chew on the fruits of this country, but you would never get full,
There are houses and roads and people and cars and trees,
If England was a way to die, it would be the most boring disease.

The End

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