Poems of the World (USA)

There's something to be said for the U.S. of A.
But I'm not really sure what I want to say
I've got friends there, and relatives too
But ask me to live there, I'll say no thank you!

I'm a boring Canadian, maybe not much fun
But I'm polite and I'm nice, and I don't carry a gun!
America is known to be strong far and wide
But sometimes it suffers from the sin of pride

It often takes what is not even theirs
It is not honest in its'  foreign affairs
Americans are mostly giving and caring,
But as a country it's not good at sharing

Before I get hate mail, let me explain something
I like Americans, I'm just afraid of the country!
It's bigger and stronger, and so very near
When it gets in trouble, we tremble in fear

We're so connected, whatever it does,
Whatever happens, also happens to us
We're in the wake of every blunder
They get hit with the lightening,
But we hear the thunder!

It 's like a big brother, I accept that with grace
But like a big brother, it can get in your face!
No matter what, it will always be there
And that's kind of comforting - as seen from here.

The End

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