Poems of the World. (Italy)

I Is for its Independence. Proud to be free.

T is for the towns there. Where beauty is a guarantee.

is for the Artists. Such as Leonardo da Vinci.

L is for Latin. That is not just ABC.

Y is for the Years Italy has stood strong. And that my friend for now is how it's meant to be.


Italy has got three colours in its flag,

Green, white and red.

Their flag is strong and powerful,

And made with the finest thread.


As for Italy's speciality,

It's most defiantly food.

Such as pizza is best to eat,

 When you're in the mood.

Italy has lots of volcanoes

Such as Stromboli and Vesuvius

They can erupt at any time

Making them very dangerous.


Italy is a nice place

So are other countries too.

What great country you will write about next?

It's really up to you...


The End

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