Poems of Nature

I'm making a collection of Nature poems! Post all you like!!


The trees are standing;

High and tall,

Old and great,

Like kings of nature.


The trees are caring;

For small furry animals nestled in their nooks and crannies,

Whilst robustly watching over delicate water,

Like guardians of nature.


The trees are growing;

First trapped inside a minute acorn,

Then reaching up to the deep blue sky like skyscrapers,

Like the people of nature.


The trees are here;

To stand through winter, summer,

Autumn and spring, to silently watch

To be a grand protecting statue

Like the forgiving spirits of nature.


The trees;

Like watchers, guardians, helpers,

Like keepers, feeders, statues,

Forgiving, forgetting, protecting and caring.

Forever Mother Nature’s friend.

The End

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