Poems of my story?

Okay, so its a few poems added together to make a story... so.

                              The tale of two kinds of love

Two kinds of love?

What are they?

Do they know?

Is it the ying and the yang?

To love and to hold?

I do not think so,

Is it to think and to do?

Is it to hate?

What ever it is tell me so!


It is like to children in the night,

Who gave there mother a fright,

Like the world in the sky,

Two friends laughing,

It is cry when a baby is born,

and to by happy when a person dies,

for they are with there father,

in heaven.

When the person is born you should cry,


The child's trouble  has just begin,

the hurts and the pains.


Note: The last part about the (the child being born, and somebody dying) is and old Irish saying.  I  wanted to make the poem about God's  love. I added  the last part to help you understand. I'm Irish if you haven't thought about it yet, and my Papa told me the saying.





The End

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